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Valentine Candy

V-Day BabyFace Mugs 

If you can't tell by the facial expressions these babies don't love Valentine's Day all that much. Some of them might drop the attitude if you fill em up with some coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso... or maybe wine will do the trick.

Each BabyFace mug is thrown on the wheel and then shaped, sculpted, and carved until I am happy with the expression. Once they dry out they get bisque fired, hand painted, and then returned to the kiln for one last firing. These babies are dishwasher, food, and microwave safe, but as always with any handmade object, treat it with a lil extra love and wash it by hand.


 There will not be a pre-order for these! There are only 7 mugs in this collection total! Grab one will you can!

All prices and shipping details will be available come Tuesday! Prices range from $85-$100. Mugs will go on sale Tuesday, February 1st at 12 EST under the SHOP tab!! Just in time for Valentine's Day!

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