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What clay body do you use for your mugs?

I switch between cone 6 stoneware and cone 10 porcelain. Currently I am working with the stoneware. 

Are your mugs dishwasher and microwave safe?


Yes, they are microwave safe but I would not recommend the dishwasher. The cups are glazed with clear on the inside, but the outside is underglaze and I find that dishwashers and aggressive scrubbing scratches the surface. With handmade mugs I always hand wash and use a soft cloth to wash the outside if it has any spills. 

I ordered my mug today, how long will it take for me to get my order?

Each mug is custom ordered and made from scratch! I throw each cup, sculpt the features, bisque fire, glaze, and re-fired again! It’s a long process + shipping time. I would expect your order anywhere between 4-6 weeks. For multiple mug orders I will personally contact you with a timeframe. For custom orders it varies depending on the piece(s). 

How large are the espresso cups + coffee mugs?

The coffee mugs can hold anywhere between 10-18 ounces and the espresso shot cups can hold between 1-2 shots. All items are hand thrown on a wheel and then sculpted onto of. While I do my best to be consistent, dimensions may vary from item to item. I do specify under the descriptions for each mug how much liquid they hold and pricy accordingly. 


Why do my mugs look slightly different than the ones online?


Each of my mugs are made by hand! The perk of that is you get your own original mug. The facial expressions are always going to slightly vary and even the color might be a slight tint darker or lighter than what you see on the computer screen. 


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