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What is a BabyFace Mug?

A Babyface Mug is a small, but mighty, sassy and cranky baby. These babies are used to communicate when you just can't deal. They come in all different sassy facial expressions. Some are cranky and crying and some are angry and annoyed. You can see it in the eyes... or the wrinkles!

I combined my love for figurative work, coffee, and being a night owl to make these babies. Many moons ago, I would fire gas kilns starting at 4am. I was all alone in the studio... for atleast a few hours. But the sleep deprivation from loading the kiln late the night before made me the most unpleasant person to be around during the morning hours. So I made these babies. It perfectly communicated my feelings without having to say a word. Just carried one of these around the studio. 

Meet Some of the Babies

Classic BabyFace Mug

BabyFace Boogie Mug 

BabyFace Zit Cup 

BabyFace Pumpkin Mug 

BabyFace Cup + Saucer 

BabyFace Planter

Babyface Valentine's Day Mug 

BabyFace Baby Mug 

Who are Babyface mugs for?

Great Question- everyone. They are for anyone who has ever wanted to communicate "hey, please don't talk to me right now." or "does it look like I want to be here?" without outright saying it. It's a polite way to communicate it without being a jerk. This mug is also perfect for someone who has zero poker face. You will be twins! And finally, maybe this is the perfect mug for you because you think they are cute and sassy <3

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