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This BabyFace mug starts off as a ball of clay! Literally just a ball. With that ball of clay I will make a cup on the wheel. I then pull, push, and add clay on top of the surface to create each individual expression. I then carve all the little details, fire it in the kiln, and hand paint each face before it returns to the kiln for a 2nd time. 


All BabyFace mugs are microwave, dishwasher, and food safe! Each mug exterior is coated in a Liquid Quartz that makes the mug hydrophobic! This protects the exterior from stains, scratches, and from the color wearing over time! Also makes for an east clean. Can be put in the dishwasher, but as always I recommend with any handmade pottery you should handwash with soap and a washcloth. 


Color- Pistachio Green


Keko-BabyFace Mug

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