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Welcome to the Valentine's Day Collection! 


Kat is covered head to "foot" in candy hearts that simply say "no." Sometime thats all you need to say... just no. She doesn't enjoy this holiday or care for it. She's just sticking around for the 50% off candy on February 15th. 


This baby is glazed in underglaze on the exterior, and regular cone 6 glaze on the interior. Each babies exterior is coated in Liquid Quartz (non-toxic and food safe) to protect the surface for scratches, stains, or from the color fading since its matte. This actually makes the peice hydrophobic! Easy to clean. 


This baby is microwave and food safe. I highly recommend with any handmade ceramic pieces to handwash gently with soap and water (you may use a very soft rag for the exterior and a sponge for the interior)


Dimensions: (lxwxh)

Cup- 3.5" x 4" x 3"

Kat-BabyFace Candy Heart Cup

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