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For all of my Froot Loop Lovers... y'all are nasty.


Introducing the Froot Loop Cereal Mug! In my opinion this cereal (and the frooty pebbles) are the nastiest of them all. So why on earth would I make it? Good question. My brother. Cereal was a staple in our childhood and when I think of cereal I think of all of our memories and it's part of the reason I created this collection! You're welcome, Chris. This is his favorite cereal.


 These vibrant, colorful crunchy O's have a very distinct smell, taste, and texture. This baby was a labor of love...and it brought back lots of childhood memories. 


This mug is carefully handcrafted to resemble the exact color, texture, and feeling of Froot Loops. Each mug is hand painted in underglazes and fininshed with a "milky white" gloss interior/drip and a "stainless steel" glazed spoon and foot. 


These mugs are micowave and drink safe! Each mug is also coated in Liquid Quartz (safe and non toxic). This creates a barrier in the matte areas which makes the exterior hydrophobic. The surface easy to clean and protects it from scratches and stains!


All in all a great mug to enjoy your coffee, tea, or dare I say.... whole milk.... in the morning with your cereal!


*** Quanity- 1 

This mug is already made and ready to ship immediately 

Froot Loop Cereal Mug 1

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