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The Bad Bunny Mug Collection

This collection has been in the works for a long time! I wanted to create a mug that recognized Bad Bunny throughout different points in his career and point out some of the key components of his image- the 3rd eye, his Puerto Rican pride, his eccentric style, and his globally recognized logo. 

Each mug is made with a brown speckled clay body. They are first thrown on the wheel and altered through hand building and carving. Each bad bunny handle is hand sculpted and assembled with a 3rd eye bad bunny charm coated in Gold Luster (which has real gold in it). The black + white Bad Bunny decals were custom made for this collection! Each showing him at an iconic point in his career. The background was spray painted with the Puerto Rican flag and stamped with a porcelain star. The interior blue ocean glossy glaze was inspiration from my favorite music video, Dakiti. 

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