Each mug is made with a brown speckled clay body. They are first thrown on the wheel and altered through hand building and carving. Each bad bunny handle is hand sculpted and assembled with a 3rd eye Bad Bunny charm coated in Gold Luster (which has real gold in it). The black + white Bad Bunny decals were custom made for this collection! Each showing him at an iconic point in his career. The background was spray painted with the Puerto Rican flag and stamped with a porcelain star. The interior blue ocean glossy glaze was inspiration from my favorite music video, Dakiti. 


These mugs are food and drink safe, but not microwave safe! The gold luster is made with real gold and will spark in the microwave. For washing I always recommend with handmade ceramic pieces to wash the exterior with a soft rag or with your hands. The interior can be washed like normal. The handles are reinforced with a layer of clear glaze so you can hold it. 


Each decal is different! There are 8 options to choose from and due to the nature of firing they are can be spots that are lost in the firing process. This is normal especially with the textured surface of the mug. The decals are safe for washing, but do not scratch at them, or over time they can start to fade with color! Gentle washing is best! NO DISHWASHER!!


Size Roughly- 3.5" x 5"x 4.5"

Bad Bunny Mug #2

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