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Welcome to the Valentine's Day Collection! 


This "cup and saucer" set is 1 of 2 sets made for this collection. Each of these sets start off as a lump of clay. I hand carve and sculpt each hand, finger, and wrinkle to really bring these babies to life! The hand is sculpted first so the baby can be molded and and fitted to the hand! The hand starts off as a lump of clay while the baby starts off as a cylinder thrown on the wheel and from there I will push, pull, add, and subject clay to create the expression. These cup + saucer babies are part of this collection but also a part of a larger body of work titled "It's my (tea)party and I'll throw a goddamn fit if i want to." 


The idea came from the tea sets that I like to collect and admire. I enjoy the ritual behind preparing tea and the act of sitting down with someone (or multiple people) and sharing life over a hot beverage. Saucers have always held this notion of elegance and high status in my eyes and when paired with a dainty, small teacup it makes the interation even more intimate. 


This cup is perfect for a single shot of espresso or double shot of liquor! Pick your poison! These babies are coated in Liquid Quartz so it protects the matte surface from scratches, stains, and color fading. These can be heated up in the microwave, but please be sure to hand wash do not use the dishwasher! With any handmade ceramics I highly recommend hand washing gently with soap and a soft rag for the outside (if needed) and a sponge is perfectly fine for the inside. 


Dimensions: (lxwxh)

Cup- 2.25" x 2.5" x 1.75"

Hand- 3.75" x 3" x 2.25" 

BabyFace "Cup + Saucer" Set (single shot)

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